Brand and designer

Doris Hartwich is among the few women fashion designers in Germany and Europe whose work focuses exclusively on clothes for sophisticated and discerning men. She can look back on many years of success. There’s no need to be Peter Maffay, David Gant, Thomas Anders or H.P. Baxxter to look good in HARTWICH fashion. HARTWICH Collections are available from selected stores and from our HARTWICH Online Shop.
Everyman is free to choose – but in HARTWICH, Everyman becomes Mr Individual!

Men’s fashion – created with heart, soul, and passion

At HARTWICH, the fabrics, colours, styles and accessories are distinctively different from any other brand. Fashion created by Doris Hartwich is a revelation; HARTWICH is experienced, not just worn. The philosophy behind HARTWICH Menswear is ‘Different, yet special’. Powerful, personal fashion with a signature that’s immediately identifiable. Definitely unique.

hartwich design

HARTWICH Collections.

For love at second sight.

Pants are pants, shirts are shirts, and they’re topped by tailored jackets for more formal occasions? True – at least, as far as the mainstream goes. But men with a clear sense of their own character, with a yen for fashion experiments and with the assurance to add individuality to their personal style – these are the men that choose fashion from Munich-based designer Doris Hartwich. For over 30 years, Doris Hartwich has created two collections a year – one spring/summer, one autumn/winter.

 Signature style

HARTWICH design is never commonplace. It is eye-catching, but never vain; it is striking, intriguing, and exciting. Doris Hartwich has a particular passion for fine fabrics, coupled with a flair for unconventional cuts, colours and shapes.


She is meticulous about details that are often only spotted at a careful second glance. They transform her menswear into an inimitable style statement – a fresh, original riposte to the mainstream.


hartwich philosophie

Doris Hartwich – German menswear with Italian spice

Men’s apparel, men’s fashion or plain old menswear? Doris Hartwich shrugs. No pigeonholing for her! Men’s fashion is the most authentic term for her collections. “I create fashion for men who enjoy expressing their personality through my styles.” Throughout her three decades in design, she has crafted virtually every menswear style there is: shirts, leather jackets and leather coats, tailored jackets with high collar or without, fashion lines for autumn/winter and for spring/summer. Favourite colours? Always in combination with one individual piece; blue for a tailored jacket, black or cognac for a leather jacket. And the HARTWICH high-collar shirt? White. She’s proud of the popularity of her waistcoats. A waistcoat without a jacket? That’s fine, because HARTWICH waistcoats are eye-catchers, in original cuts and colours. Team a waistcoat and white high-collar zip-neck shirt with HARTWICH 5-pockets pants, and you have the perfect casual look for more informal occasions. On the subject of high collars, they’re a particular favourite of Doris Hartwich, for both shirts and jackets. “A high-collar shirt enhances the neck muscles and creates an athletic, masculine impression”, she explains. The polished chrome zip adds a premium touch. And as snap fasteners on shirts return to the forefront of fashion, we can’t wait to check out Doris Hartwich’s take on them. Doris Hartwich markets her HARTWICH label through exclusive stationary men‘s outfitters in many European countries, the Mey & Edlich online store, and her own online shop at hartwichandfriends.com.